“Chateau” environment for our wine

Wine Storage

The said “Chateau” environment has been carefully contrived and put together to achieve the ideal environment for wine to age slowly and gracefully. In a nutshell, there are four key aspects that we have perfected for the epitome of a wine storage – climate, lighting, movement and security.

To allow the wines to burgeon at an optimum rate, temperatures will be kept between 12.5 to 15 °C. Higher temperatures would age wine prematurely; devaluing and shortening their lifespan. We will also use low intensity lighting to bestow the greatest degree of protection.

Our storage zone is divided into short term and long term units, and movement is limited to private access only. Furthermore, our facilities are equipped with CCTVs at every storage lane; with each locker secured by an individual padlock and key. These conditions are monitored 24 hours a day, ensuring maximum security.

Shelf Dimension:
100cm x 60cm x 48cm
3ft x 2ft x 1.5ft

Fit up to 6 cases (standard Bordeaux 12 bottles) and some loose bottles on top

*Using your own lock mean it is only you will have the access to your own personal wine storage.

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Brought to you by a humble, tight-knit group of avid wine-lovers and most importantly, friends, Our Wine Coterie aims to deliver a myriad of helpful opportunities for the consumer. Besides providing substantial, remunerative storage for wine, it also acts as a waterhole for wine-lovers to conduct and savour wine-tasting sessions with good company. These sessions promise to impart significant wine knowledge, imbue warmth amidst the good company and enrich your appreciation for wine.

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