The oldest winery in the world is 6100 years old & it’s located in a cave in Armenia

For all our wine enthusiasts in OWC, I believe this question may had probably came across your mind at least once?

Wine is far older than recorded history and could date back over 20 million years ago, as fermenting yeasts evolved together with fruit bearing flowering plants.

Production of wines

People began to grow grapes probably a little after they began growing wheat, around 8000 BC. In ancient times, wine was considered to be a magical, spontaneous gift of nature. Wine has been produced for thousands of years, with evidence of ancient wine production in Georgia (c. 6000 BC), China (c. 7000 BC), Armenia (c. 4100 BC), Iran from 5000 BC, and Sicily from 4000 BC.

Oldest winery in the world

An international team of researchers suggest that the oldest winery is located close to both Georgia and Iran, in the former Soviet republic of Armenia, uncovered in a cave in the mountains of Armenia. They discovered drinking bowl, a grape press, a cup, and fermentation jars dating to about 6,100 years ago in the cave at the area called Areni-1 in Armenia.

Areni-1 cave is a late Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age ritual site and settlement near the Areni village along the Arpa River. It is currently one of the best-preserved ancient wineries.

Following Areni-1 cave, a winery in the Judea and Samaria area in Israel is said to be the second oldest. Germany, Spain, Italy, and France also host some significantly old wineries, dated as early as 862.

I wonder how does the wine taste then compared to what we are having now, what do you think?

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